Torian Kirk is your friendly neighbourhood smut peddler. He writes light gay erotica that isn't too heavy or even too plot heavy. These are quick, fun reads from the comfort of your phone! You can view his current releases here. This website also contains previews for the books. While not all the previews contain explicit sex, you may get an age verification message due to heavy sexual themes and references or because the preview contains sex. He writes a lot of gay vampires, but he also enjoys gay demons, gay monsters, and usually pairs them with an enthusiastic gay human. You can read more about him here and there is a list of kinks he writes here.

Joining his mailing list currently unlocks his detailed request form, and you can use his simple request form here if you'd rather not be on a mailing list. He hopes to add some bonus stories to the mailing list in the future.

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Torian Kirk