Torian Kirk is your friendly neighbourhood smut peddler. He writes light gay erotica that isn't too heavy or even too plot heavy. These are quick, fun reads from the comfort of your phone! While I write a lot about gay vampires, I also write gay demons, gay monsters, and the gay humans that enthusiastically bed them. I work full-time and write a little porn on the side for fun. My days are stressful, so I like to keep things light and comfy when I'm writing to help me destress and forget the problems of the world. That being said, I commonly write characters with anxiety and insecurities as well as characters recovering from trauma. In terms of sex, I tend to focus on penetration and climax often with a creampie ending. Sex comes first (for your reading pleasure) and feelings are usually caught afterwards. My premises for characters to bang do usually border on absurd.

You can review my list of kinks (and content warnings) to see what I commonly write as well as what I will not write. You can always contact me in advance if you want to know if one of my books contains a specific trigger for you. I try to list them all on their detailed pages here, but if you are worried, I really don't mind letting you know!

I also want to make sure my site is very easy to read on, so I have my site readability information here, and you can also contact me about any concerns about that as well!

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Torian Kirk