This is the base feedback form for folks not on the newsletter. On this checklist you can mark off what you've enjoyed so far and what you want to see more of. Mailing List subscribers have a more involved request form with a textbox for more specific requests.

I will not assume you want all the content you've requested combined, and you can submit the form multiple times if you want something new or if you've noticed new things on the list. The list was last updated on: 2023/02/15

You can review my privacy policy if you have any concerns about using a form, but I do not sell your information, collect more information than the form provides, or automatically put you on a mailing list. None of the information you submit is stored on this website. As you can see, this form does not collect e-mails, name, IP address, or any information aside from what boxes are checked.

(The "New" options will still be gay erotica)
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Torian Kirk