Here’s a list of content I am comfortable and uncomfortable writing. You can use this information to see what kind of content you can expect from me as well or so you have an idea of what I'll write if you are submitting a request. I will be updating this list as more requests come in and more questions are asked! If your kink isn’t listed, please feel free to shoot me a message asking! I generally only write explicit trans content for other folks in the trans community so I can tailor it specifically to their preferences.
I will write:
  • First person or third person perspective
  • Multiple partners (threesomes, foursomes, orgies)
  • Any gender combination
  • Humans, vampires, aliens, demons, werewolves, monsters - any humanoid creatures with the ability to consent - including fantasy genitals
  • Sex toys, sex machines, fantasy & sci-fi sex elements (magical bondage, etc)
  • Double penetration
  • Solo masturbation
  • Bondage
  • Spanking
  • Rough Sex
  • Multiple orgasms and orgasm denial
  • Creampie & Facials
  • Rimming
  • Condoms or bareback
  • Clothed orgasms
  • Tentacles (grey area for Amazon, I’ll have to be a little creative)
  • Some name calling (slut, sir, etc.)
  • Phone sex and sexting
  • Video recording
  • Cuckolding
  • Voyeurism
I will not write:
  • Incest & pseudo-incest
  • Underage sexual content
  • Explicit non-consensual sex
  • Any non-consensual act - including acts listed above (eg. secret filming, sending unsolicited dick pics, etc)
  • Daddy & mommy kinks
  • Animal genitalia & Bestiality
  • Sexual Slavery
Amazon Won’t Accept:
  • Sex Pollen
  • Mind control
If requesting, contact me first about:
  • Public sex
  • Age gaps & Power dynamics (ie. boss/employee) ->You do not need to contact me for already established characters with these
  • Drug use - Amazon is pretty strict on consent, so I generally don't write drug use so nothing is muddied. If you want it, reach out and we'll figure out if I can write it.
  • Your interest isn't listed - I may be willing to write it, but I either didn't know the term, didn't know it existed, or don't know enough about the kink to write it confidently and you may be able to give me more resources to write it
  • I've written it once before, but it's not on the list

General Content Warning Notes:

  • I will not be writing any content containing any form of slavery (fantasy slavery, sci-fi slavery, commentary on the prison system, etc).
  • While there may be characters who are considered royalty, I do not write any content romanticizing a monarchy.
  • While I may be writing about characters recovering from sexual assault, I will not be specifically writing sexual assault.
  • I try not to write anything that is "big dicks are better" or anything with that energy, though I will reference and write about big dicks. If you want content with explicitly small dicks or micropenises, please feel free to reach out! I am into writing that content, I just don't know if there's an audience for it.
  • I won't be directly using slurs in my work. I'm all for reclaiming slurs, but I won't be using them here.
  • While I do write about children, teens, and adult characters' childhood memories, all characters in sexual situations will be adults.
  • I have no plans to write about pet death. If I ever write about pet death, I will explicitly point it out on the Amazon product page (and here). In general pets are safe.
  • I do like writing horror. It'll happen here, but it won't be often.
  • Please, please feel free to contact me asking for more clarification, extra questions, or whatever. I want to write fun, horny stuff and I'd hate to think I've accidentally killed your boner because I didn't warn you about something in advance.
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Torian Kirk