Blowing My Way Through the Gay Vampire's Lair

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"Seeing Rust now, I knew if I moved my legs I would only step towards him. I never felt so weak and so attracted to a person before. I wasn't sure I could flee even if I wanted to. I wanted Rust to see me. I wanted those eyes on me. Desire overwhelmed my thoughts, and none of them were about the success of my mission. Fear crawled beneath it. Fear because Rust was too beautiful. Fear because I was losing control already."

Thom has been hired to free an Ancient vampire called "The Forever King" from another vampire named Rust. In order to do so, he must gain Rust's trust and find out where the Forever King is being kept. He decides to form a relationship with one of Rust's humans, Lupin, and infiltrate the colony from there. He finds himself quickly falling for Lupin and doesn't want to deny his strong attraction to Rust either. While he enjoys Rust and other vampires thoroughly using him for sex at the colony as if it's his only purpose, he begins to question whether or not he should go through with his mission and what the consequences will be if he fails. This is a plot-light novel with an emphasis on sexy situations. This series contains consensual explicit sex between consenting adults and is written in the first person.

Two chapters were individually published as individual works under the titles "Infiltration Menage" and "Promised Rimming" and have since been unpublished to remove confusion.

While this is a standalone story, it takes place in the same universe as the "My Boss is a Gay Vampire" series and characters refer to other characters inside of it.

Series: Gay Vampires of Neverward
~58,000 words
Estimated Reading Time: 200 Minutes
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Kinks & Content Warnings

This section breaks down all the kinks and content warnings in the work. You can navigate by clicking the tabs above to see what content the work contains. The content warnings may spoil content inside the work, and if you like to be surprised as to what sex you're going to see, you will also be spoiled by the kinks tab as well. If you are concerned that your particular trigger is in the work, but it isn't listed, you can contact me directly to ask if it is in there. There's always a chance I've forgotten something, and I'd rather you reach out than be upset. I also have an "Expected Content" page which lists all the content (including a list of kinks) that I will write, won't write, and will maybe write. While it is focussed on kinks, it does also have some content warnings as well (especially when the two overlap) so you know what sort of content to expect from me.

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Torian Kirk