A Mall Santa Tied Up in Lights for Christmas

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"Listen, sometimes people get a little wild around the holidays. I’m normal about Christmas. But I like big guys with big beards and big laughs. So I might not seem normal about it, but what am I supposed to do when my type gets celebrated so passionately once a year? Am I really not supposed to fuck guys dressed as Santa? Come on."

Martin finds himself newly in a world of vampires and takes a job as a mall Santa in an attempt to try to fit into the city. Logan has his eye on the new Mall Santa to keep himself occupied and distracted over Christmas. When Martin starts to think he wants more than just a fling, Logan has to decide if he wants to pursue something serious. Logan fears Martin will lose interest when he learns more about him and isn't sure it's worth the risk of being hurt.
This is a ~19,000 word plot-light novella with an emphasis on sexy situations. This series contains explicit gay sex between consenting adults and is written in the first person with perspectives changing between the two leads. This book contains four sex scenes with the titular scene in Chapter Two.

All books in this series are standalone and can be read selectively. This series takes place in the same universe and city as the "My Boss is a Gay Vampire" series and characters may be referred to or appear in books in this series.

Series: Gay Vampires of Neverward
~19,000 words
Estimated Reading Time: 65 Minutes
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Torian Kirk