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I’d been warned about Logan. Janice told me he’d managed to fuck the mall Santa every year he worked it, which I thought was a large number of men attracted to men in one place, but apparently that’s just the city my son settled into. Janice said, “He’s just a horny elf, and he takes ‘no’ for an answer. So if you’re not interested, tell him and he’ll respect that, and if you are interested, just don’t do anything on the clock, all right?”

I didn’t have a lot of experience with men. I tried a few after the divorce, casual flings, but I’d spent the majority of my life with one woman, and I was struggling playing the field. Logan looked experienced. He was fit and clearly cared about muscle definition. He wore a green and red elf costume that did little to hide how fit he was. He sometimes raised the green tunic slightly to show me a glimpse at the way his dick bunched up in the front of the costume, a part that the tunic did hide well otherwise. I never thought I’d be attracted to someone in a tacky elf costume, but Logan made it easy. I often found his black eyes on me, and he’d smile at me with his fangs showering and a hunger that made me blush.

I knew Logan would want a fling. Everyone described it as a fetish, but he tried to carry conversation beyond a fling. I got the impression his turning wasn’t a positive one, so I dropped it after I told him about my son, Ashton. I wondered if Ash would feel this way decades later. I worried he’d been burdened with something too heavy to carry.

Moving to Neverward wasn’t easy. It was a town where vampires and humans lived openly together. Back where we were from vampires didn’t exist, or at least we didn’t realize they did. Ashton had met some guy online in his last year of college and went out with him. My ex-wife, Irene, got a call some time later from this place called the Hunter’s Guild. She called me and we went together. It was routine for them, explaining that sometimes a violent vampire kills a human, but usually there’s a hunter on the trail to find him. Ash had been turned to save him from death.

Ash had always been a quiet, withdrawn kid more interested in being on the computer than socializing with his friends, but he grew even more withdrawn after. He clung to us like a shy child in a party full of strangers. It was a relief, really, that he wasn’t pushing Irene and me away, but maybe that was selfish. We moved here to make the transition easier. He was still scared of vampires and himself, but he thought immersion might smooth things out. It was all routine for the Guild, and while Ash resisted some of their ideas, he didn’t resist the help.

But moving was a big change for all of us, and I was still nervous about the way my life had changed. I had to accept it and move forward, the changes my son were going through were undeniable, but it wasn’t easy. When I heard about Logan’s history as a Santa fetishist, I thought maybe he’d be perfect. A fling to take my mind off of things. A fling to get situated in the city.

But now that I’d met him, part of me wished I’d had a fling with a vampire before I’d met him. I wouldn’t have fumbled quite so much, but I imagine I’d have grown attached regardless and would have felt the same way with that fling. So I read more Guild pamphlets and went to my own meetings to try to better understand how to navigate this sort of thing.

You never really know what another person’s life is like and how heavy the baggage is that they carry. I wondered if it was harder for someone who knew they’d live forever, to carry this weight and not know when it would be lighter, if it ever would.

Logan was a good actor. His smile reached his black eyes and the threads of silver in his wavy hair made him look distinguished, as if the trouble in his smile came with a certain amount of character. When he changed out of the elf outfit that hugged his body so generously, he wore jeans stylishly ripped and a shirt with enough of a V to reveal a light dusting of chest hair. He usually wore a bomber jacket over it. A strong jaw carried a layer of stubble that made me wonder if it’d be harsh under my touch.

He talked with his hands and looked away when conversation shifted to something he wasn’t interested in, and often when the conversation wasn’t on himself.

It scared me that I’d fucked him in a semi-public place. Not only that I had been seduced so easily out of my comfort zone, but that I was attached to him when there was a good chance he’d move on after the season ended. How did people have flings? How did people separate sex from a relationship? I didn’t know, but I didn’t want to risk pushing Logan away either.

Logan approached me in the locker room, changing directly in front of me as he tended to do. It was hard not to be shy even though I knew he wanted me to check him out. “Hey, you wanna hang out tonight? You said you’re not seeing your kid tonight.”

I felt lighter. He remembered. He never asked about Ash, but he didn’t ignore what I said about him either. Maybe my standards were too low, but it was nice he paid some amount of attention outside of sex. I replied, “Yeah, he’s busy. I’m good to hang out.”

“Feel like inviting me to your place?” he asked.

He said it in a casual way. I needed to remember it was just friendship and sex. Mostly sex. “Sure, but it’s not fancy or anything,” I said.

He laughed. “You know I don’t need much,” he replied. “As long as you’re there, I’ll be happy.”

“Do you want me to have a costume-”

He laughed. “Martin, you’re fine. Though I do have something in mind if you’ll humour me.”

I mostly thought about fucking him missionary, so I was happy to take suggestions. “Absolutely.”

A Mall Santa Tied Up in Lights for Christmas

Series: Gay Vampires of Neverward
Length: ~19,000 words
Estimated Reading Time: 65 Minutes

Martin finds himself newly in a world of vampires and takes a job as a mall Santa in an attempt to try to fit into the city. Logan has his eye on the new Mall Santa to keep himself occupied and distracted over Christmas. When Martin starts to think he wants more than just a fling, Logan has to decide if he wants to pursue something serious. Logan fears Martin will lose interest when he learns more about him and isn't sure it's worth the risk of being hurt.

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