I finally have something new to show you! A Mall Santa Tied Up in Lights for Christmas is currently in the Amazon publishing queue. Hopefully it'll be online in a day or two. This is just a fun little idea I had that I decided to run with. The next installment of My Boss is a Gay Vampire should be released in February or March. I want to shy away from uploading shorter works, and it will likely be around 40k words surrounding a specific theme. That being said, I may shorten it to be the length of this novella, since it was something I was comfortable writing quickly and thought it was still enough space to squeeze in just a touch of plot. I will need to reformat the older works to reflect the changes in the series and my website (since the notebook is now offline), so it may take some time.

I'm hoping to work on cast pages on the website so folks don't have to remember every mentioned character in Neverward. I am hoping to have it partially online by the time the next book is released. I have a few different ideas for the Neverward series as well, so I'm hoping to have at least two works out next year, if not more. The mailing list still has the detailed request form, so if you have an idea, now is a great time to submit it while I'm still debating between ideas. I'll also be previewing whatever I'm currently working on to the mailing list as well while I try to figure out a short story to showcase there.

Thanks for sticking with me through the year and I hope you enjoy your time in Neverward next year as well!

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Torian Kirk