My First Days of Being Tied Up at Work Preview

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I arrived in the office building’s lobby about half an hour before my interview. One side of the lobby had a cafe with a seating area and the other side had a variety of benches and tables. It was nice enough, but not exciting or glamorous like some of the newer buildings downtown. In fact it wasn’t really all that impressive compared to many places around Neverward. But given the size of the building itself—and the fact that they even managed to have a well-stocked cafe in the lobby—it was relatively upscale.

There were several people sitting at the tables sipping coffee, reading newspapers, or chatting with each other. A couple of them wore more relaxed clothes, like hoodies with jeans, while others sported suits and normal business attire. I wore a white dress shirt with a thin black tie and a pair of black slacks with my worn-in leather jacket on top of it. My previous boss groomed me for the interview, telling me what to say, what to wear, and even how to style my hair. It made me feel more relaxed, and I’d styled my curly, brown hair with an effortless part that actually took a lot of work. Still, I felt confident and like myself, and I absently thought of the way my old boss’s hands felt on my shoulders as he said how handsome I was. Often his hand gripped his ass as he said this to me, and I tried not to think about his breath on my ear.

I decided to get a cup of tea before the interview and hoped it wouldn’t spike my anxiety. I didn’t want to be fidgeting when I sat down in front of my potential employer. I waited in the cafe line. The barista greeted people by name and had an uncanny recollection of their regular order. I wondered if I would also become a regular. When I arrived at the counter, I found him quite cute. He wore a chipper smile that spread to his voice as he asked for my order. Freckles spread across his nose and cheeks, emphasizing his bright, toothy smile. His dark blue eyes twinkled in a way that made me wonder if he was maybe a little bit shy.

“Green tea please,” I said. “And can I have a few of these?”

He nodded and handed over two of the packaged snack cakes. They resembled something like a cream puff with raspberry filling. I put them in my satchel in case I needed a misery snack - or hopefully a celebration snack - later. I handed him a bill and told him to keep the change. He promised me a free refill and said, “Enjoy your day!”

It was small things like that that made me hope I would get the job here. It had been a long time since I had a new beginning, and starting again made me nervous. I tried to stuff down how much I missed my old boss and headed towards the elevator. I glanced around and saw nobody who seemed familiar, but the lobby was busy with people coming and going. I nursed my tea and waited to see if there would ever be an elevator that wasn’t full, but when I had about twenty minutes before my interview, I caved and waited with a group for the next elevator. When the elevator arrived, I filtered in with the group and tried to position myself near the back.

I stood in the elevator and waited for the second highest floor. The elevator was nearly full, and a few of the people idly chatted about their lunch breaks. I noticed two men in the corner of the elevator. One held his briefcase casually in front of himself to hide the other stroking his erection through his pants. The fabric failed to hide the outline of his generous cock, and I watched the man’s slow movements along it as he said something quietly into the other man’s ear. The elevator door opened and closed as it slowly went up between floors. The man getting jerked off parted his lips, his eyes half-closed. I was half-hard at the sight, hopeful this would be the place I would work. The hand continued slowly working the shaft and I licked my lips. The other man met my eye and smiled, and I quickly looked away as heat rushed to my cheeks. Moving my satchel in front of my own groin, trying to be as casual as possible, I noticed another pair in front of me where one man openly grabbed the other’s ass. His index finger pushed as deep between his ass cheeks as the fabric would allow. I wondered if I’d have to jerk off before my interview or if it would be appropriate to go into my interview with an aching hard-on.

The remainder of the elevator emptied at my floor, and the man who had noticed me earlier offered me a wink as he passed. Heat continued throbbing in my cheeks as I stepped off onto my floor. I took a deep breath in the lobby, but kept my satchel casually in front of me as I walked to the front desk. The black-and-silver front desk stood in the lobby outside the elevator with a wall behind it, directing traffic to the left. The front desk assistant looked intently at her computer monitor. Her black hair was tied back into a tight bun, and red rimmed glasses magnified her black eyes slightly. She wore a light green blouse under a black vest. I relaxed some and smiled politely at her. She nodded at me before looking back at the computer. I said, “I’m Corey Clarke, interviewing with Eric Buchanan - I have an appointment at one.”

She motioned towards a seating area next to her desk and said, “Take a seat and I’ll let you know when he’s ready for you.”


Two black sofas sat in an L shape around a white, circular table. A room divider composed of narrow, black boards arranged vertically separated the seating area from the main area, but a window on the wall behind me looked into an open office space with rows of green cubicles. I sat with my back to the room divider and nervously glanced through the window at the office workers. I recognized a few that had shared the elevator with me talking in the cubicle area. Everyone seemed friendly, and the raunchy behaviour I’d seen in the elevator hadn’t spread here. With my own erection fading, I smiled to myself as I leaned back on the sofa. I nursed the remainder of my tea, and I was confidently boner-free when I stood up and threw away the cup in the trash. A few minutes after I sat back down, the assistant said, “He’s ready for you now. You can head up the stairs right on your left and Mr. Buchanan will be waiting for you.”

“Thanks,” I replied.

I walked around the divider and started up the stairs, and I tried to ignore the office around me. I didn’t want to have any hopes that I would get this job, though I literally had no idea of where to apply next if this didn’t pan out. My previous boss was gone now. I tried not to think of how he left me. The natural light faded as I neared the top, and physical barriers blocked the floor-to-ceiling windows. Still, the lighting was enough to see clearly. The top of the stairs was in a large open area, and a man stood a few steps away, looking at his phone. He was a tall, lean man with porcelain white skin. He wore a black dress shirt with a grey vest and tie. His black hair was combed back, the ends of which carried a slight curl. His clean-shaved jaw was wide and strong. His lips were narrow and serious. His pale grey eyes reminded me of a rainy morning. He was handsome, but I felt cold looking at him.  He didn’t look up as he asked, “Corey Clark?”

“Yes, that’s me.”

He motioned and said, “This way,” before he started to walk.

I followed him, suddenly feeling under-dressed and frumpy. He was hot and clearly he took time and pride honing his body’s muscles. I spent some time at the gym, but I would always be a little too short and a little too thin. The front desk assistant seemed as put-together as this man. The office was a short walk from the stairs, and there was a desk identical to the front desk as well as a divider next to it with a similar couch and table combination on the side opposite of it. The man opened the door to the office and motioned for me to walk in first. I fumbled out a “Thanks,” and stepped out of the way as the man walked in.

The man - who I assumed was Eric Buchanan at this point - sat down behind a large, cherry oak desk. “Sit down,” he said.

He typed into his computer as I sat down, and I heard a soft hum coming from outside the office. I tried to concentrate on Eric. My previous boss was absolutely right that Eric Buchanan was my type. Stone faced and professional. Matter of fact.  A nameplate sat at the forefront of his desk, but aside from that it was largely bare. He closed his laptop in front of him and he loosely held a paper copy of my resume in his hand. Behind him sat three black hallway cabinets, though the center one looked slightly different from the other two with no drawers on the front. On top of them were various office supplies - a tall desktop organizer with papers sorted throughout it, a cup with pencils and pens, a phone charger, boxes of files - but I tried to keep my eyes on Eric instead of gazing around the room. And Eric was easy to look at. I knew when his striking grey eyes landed on me, I would swallow nervously and have to concentrate carefully on his words. A gaze like that would make it easy for me to forget everything going on in my mind.

Eric finally spoke: “Mr. Clark-”

“Corey’s fine, sir,” I said.

His eyes landed on me with a soft smile. A pang of heat went through me and I swallowed.  Eric’s deep voice said, “Corey. You seem well qualified to be my assistant, and you have a glowing recommendation from Mr. Russell, though you have a slight reputation for having your head in the clouds. You’ll have noticed that there was no one else waiting to see me.”

I hadn’t. Honestly, I hadn’t really noticed much aside from looking at shit to try to not get hard again.

“I am ready to hire you. It’s not easy to find someone with a history of being a good assistant to someone with my needs, and I’m not willing to roll the dice on someone who might not remember to close the windows every time I leave the office. Usually any assistant of your quality stays with their employer until their retirement or death. I have to ask, why is Mr. Russell not keeping you on staff?”

Surprised, I replied, “You’ve heard he’s moving?”


I looked at my hands nervously, trying to keep the feeling of my heart sinking hidden. “He’s not taking me with him.”

“You requested to go with him?”

“Yes, of course.”

“And he didn’t bring you,” Eric said.

“No, sir.”

Eric exhaled and leaned back in his chair. I tried to hide how hurt I felt. “Well, Wayne is known to have a short attention span. He said I’d be a fool to pass you up, and I imagine it won’t be easy for you to find a job elsewhere.”

I wasn’t eager to admit he was right. I would be lost without this job. I said, “Mr. Russell thought we would be well-suited for each other, sir.”

“For each other?” Eric asked. “You mean, you’re not just a mindless drone here to serve me?”

Heat burned my cheeks as I said, “Oh no, I am. Mr. Russell said it was hard to find someone who liked being a mindless drone.”

Eric let out a single, sharp laugh. “So you like being bossed around.”

I nodded and said, “Mr. Russell preferred having complete control over my presence in the workplace, down to what I would wear. He thought you’d prefer this outfit.”

“Not that jacket.”

“What? Oh, no. No, I was supposed to take that off. I’m so sorry, sir,” I said.

“Take it off.”

I tried not to think about how hot it sounded as I started to take my jacket off, but Eric said, “Stand up.”

I stood up and placed my jacket over the back of the chair. Eric watched me for a moment, and I found it hard to meet his eyes. I wasn’t sure if I was doing well or failing, but the way he looked at me after telling me to stand up was pretty hot. Mr. Russell told me to answer all of his questions honestly, even if I thought I should lie. I never mentioned how hard it was - how I was losing my job and someone who I considered my lover in one quick swoop. It was comforting that Mr. Russell had lined up new opportunities for me, but it didn’t hurt any less to be left behind.

“Wayne’s left me a blank slate.”

“Excuse me, sir?”

“The outfit,” Eric said. “He’s chosen something simple to show what I’d be able to do with you.”


“You didn’t see that?”

“I don’t - I don’t really question what Mr. Russell says, so I don’t think much about it.”

Eric frowned. “So you’re here because he told you to be.”

“Yes, sir.”

“But you know who we are and what your job will be?”

“Oh, yes,” I said with a nod. “Your company-”

I started to sit down, but Eric said, “Keep standing.”

“Your company develops an app to help vampires keep track of their day-to-day needs, such as contact information of willing humans, when they last ate, safe stores and restaurants in the area, and the like. It poses as a game so you can still profit from ignorant humans and anyone can have it on their phone without being suspicious. You personally are the ‘face’ of the company, and I understand there will be a lot of scheduling and arranging and setting up meeting spaces that will suit your particular needs.”

“Very good. And what else?”

“I assume you’ll also want to feed off of me,” I said. “I have a pretty high sex drive if you want a sexual element to the feedings, and if you don’t I may just need some time to take care of myself after.”

Eric smiled. “I’ll admit Wayne spoke of your resilience before and I’d always been a little jealous of it.”

“So you will want a sexual element, sir?”

“Corey, I’m going to fuck you so often you’ll forget how to walk.”

A knot sat in my throat as heat swelled inside of me. My cock ached in his boxer-briefs. I tried to stay professional, but a few simple words delivered in such a matter of fact way turned me on so much it was hard to think. I started to sit down again. Eric said, “Keep standing.”

I stayed standing and used the back of the chair to steady myself for a moment. My cock openly pressed against my dress pants. Eric stood up and said, “I might even need to hire a second assistant if you’re anything like Wayne says. Maybe I’ll just strap you down to my desk so I can fuck you throughout the work day.”

My head swam in the fantasy of it. Mr. Russell had actually done it for a day, and I wished it had been for a week. I said, “S-sir, I always get my work done.”

My First Days of Being Tied Up at Work

Series: My Boss is a Gay Vampire
Length: ~62,000 words
Estimated Reading Time: 215 Minutes

After being let go from his former boss and partner, Corey Clark interviews for the position of Eric Buchanan’s assistant. He understands that he will be both working as an assistant and fulfilling his vampire needs, which includes being fed on and the sex leading up to it. Corey lands the job and quickly finds himself catching the interest of Eric’s partner Benson as well, and he ultimately finds himself in a foursome with the other two men. Corey tries not to catch feelings for Eric and keep things profession. He is often tied up and pleasantly used by both men, sometimes at the same time. This is a plot-light fun, sexy romp. This work contains explicit sex between consenting adults and is written in the first person from Corey’s perspective.

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